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Our beautiful, unique, curious enthusiastic children come in all shapes and sizes.

Children with special needs (those with physical, developmental, neurodiverse, and/or behavioral attributes not conforming to a standardized notion of “typical”) need educational experiences that acknowledge and support their journey.

Support that is meaningful, artful, compelling and effective. 

Music can help support child development, encourage sensory exploration, and build emotional regulation in all children, but the benefits of music are especially meaningful for children with special needs.

Our Music teachers teach people how to sing or play instruments and if you are self-funded, your lessons may be funded under Capacity Building, Increased Social and Community Participation and Essential Supports
All of our wonderful program are designed to support the diverse needs of all students and their carers, no matter how diverse their abilities may be. Music is a wonderful way to learn how to self-regulate, openly express feelings, increase attention and focus, and improve emotional intelligence


How music can make a difference for students with diverse needs

Music is known to stimulate both hemispheres of our brain, particularly when a teacher uses a song or instrument to stimulate cognitive learning.

Children build self-awareness and improved relationships by sharing music with others. It allows children to interact more easily with others by ncommunicating through music

Singing & Listening

our interpretation of lyrics and sound also facilitates communication.

for students with autism, this could mean learning lyrics, or understanding how to act in a social situation. This can be achieved by incorporating messages hidden in song lyrics.

Although autism can create social barriers, by experiencing music and being involved in small musical groups, students are more likely to develop confidence enough to engage with others, sing, or dance with others.

This is achieved by stimulating their sensory systems, and enhancing their fine motor skills.

We gladly accept students from the Ndis and have wonderful group and individual classes

Music and ASD 
​We will be offering music programs designed specifically to address the needs of children with ASD which can foster significant improvement in cognition, communication, social skills, behavioural issues, and emotion regulation.  Playing music offers the opportunity for children with ASD to experience non-verbal communication, and an alternative to verbal emotional expression.  In other words, music gives children with ASD an opportunity to express themselves in a way that may not otherwise be possible.   
Music sessions involving caregivers, as well as children with ASD, can enrich relationships and foster further relational development between child and adult.  A caregiver’s involvement can also affect their self-efficacy beliefs, resulting in better wellbeing, and a healthy and positive home life.  
In addition to the social, behavioural, cognitive and relational benefits that music participation brings for children with or without ASD, it is also fun!”


Private tuition available, Weekly lessons


30 minute lesson 

Term Booking ~ $35 each lesson   

Casual lesson ~ $40 each lesson

60 minute lesson 


Term Booking~ $70 each lesson 

Casual Lesson ~ $80 each lesson


Currently taking enrolments. Please contact us to find out the available time slots

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